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Catechists' Manual


  1. The Catholic Catechist. The Source for comprehensive teaching resources including games, icebreakers, worksheets, prayer services and many other supplements to enhance your lesson plans.
  2. Resources for Catechists. A place that offers a good number of resources for Catechists and Parents.
  3. Faith First. This site gives the Catechist useful information and techniques that can be utilized with students and parents.
  4. Catechist Resources. Plenty of ideas for Catechists
  5. The Catechetical Office of New York, offers a wide array of resources and videos that you can use for your class.
  6. Diocesis of Albany, Office of Evangelization compiles an excellent amount of documents and resources for Catechists.
  7. University of Dayton. Should you want to get your certification as Catechist, University of Dayton has an agreement with the Archdiocesis of Newark.
  8. Catechists’ Journey. Joe Paprockis, DMin website shares many resources for catechists.

Teaching Resources

Class Resources-Videos